Our Vision

  • Is to consistently provide an outstanding level of care to all people using our service, which is reflected through their exceptional quality of life.
  • Our vision, mission and values apply to all people.

Our Mission

  • Is to ensure we uphold everyone’s human rights
  • Is to provide a person-centred care service, which reflects the individuality of each person using the service.
  • Is to ensure that the residents’ wellbeing needs are met
  • Is to ensure we maintain a highly qualified and professional staff team who will work in partnership with other organisations and people
  • Is to create an environment which people feel as their ‘home’
  • Is to continuously review and improve the quality of the service
  • Is to learn when things go wrong
  • Is to be proactive, innovative and creative

Our Values

  • We are guided by and uphold the ‘core’ values and principles – dignity, respect, privacy, rights, self-determination, choice, inclusion, trust, independence, empathy, commitment, courage, competence, care, communication and compassion.
  • We recognise and uphold that everyone is and has the right to be different
  • We have an inherent belief in human rights
  • We will not tolerate discrimination
  • We support equality and diversity – which is reflected through our positive approach to age, disability, gender reassignment,