A Pleasurable Experience

Just like all families, our meal table is the caring heart of our home. We understand the importance of a friendly and stimulating experience and the pleasure of a mealtime with delicious, nutritious food, shared with people you know and love.

Dine with company, or in private

Like everything, mealtimes are all down to personal choice. Whether you prefer to dine in your bedroom in your own company, or like many, prefer the ambiance of gentle music and causal chatter amongst peers in the dining room, it is all down to personal choice.

An Extensions of the Care Plan

On admission, a full nutritional evaluation is done with the resident to acquire their likes and dislikes and any other additional dietary requirements to help us provide a fulfilling and enjoyable diet. These forms are updated every 3 months in case any changes occur. This way our cook’s can integrate individuals’ preferences into the daily menu wherever possible.
We also appreciate that adaptations may be required during mealtimes, whether it be a plate guard, or adapted cutlery, or food cut up, we will always do our best to meet individual needs. Staff are always on hand to offer assistance with meals.

Special Occasions

Special occasions, whether it be valentine’s day, pancake day, Mother’s day, father’s day, are all celebrated with a special menu. We try and incorporate an afternoon tea once a month with fresh delicious scones and various choices of tea. World festivals and other cultural celebrations are also integrated into the daily menu, such as Chinese New Year.